ReloTracker™ has been designed so that Transferees and HR Contacts do not require any training.

"External" consultants will probably require only limited training, depending on what you allow them to do in the system. They might need to understand how to manage tasks and to enter their out-of-pocket expenses, for example.

So, most of the training will focus on Internal Users.

Administrative Training

Administrative training is usually done remotely by telephone in several times and with limited numbers of Users. The amounts of time and topics will depend upon your requirements. For example a small, single office DSP will not require much time for User Management training.

Remote Administrative Training is generally provided at no charge and without limitation as long as the licensee continues with Support & Maintenance.

Suggested Topics:

  • DSP Offices & User Management (1.5 hours) – includes User Scope, Departments, and "External" Consultants.
  • Services, Service Groups, and Packages (1.5 hours) – includes per Unit/Hour Services, Tasks, General Packages, and Customer-specific Packages.
  • Financial: Currencies, Accounts, and Budgets (1 hour) – some financial aspects are accounting-related while others are commercial (i.e. hourly billing rates).
  • Contact Types, Templates, and Incident Categories (1/2 hour) – miscellaneous subjects

User Training

Training of non-administrative users is usually done by the system Administrators. For this purpose some training materials are available. Otherwise, we can refer you to an Independent ReloTracker Consultant/Trainer.

Ideally user training is done hands-on, so that they can enter information as it is explained and ask questions.

Suggested Topics:

  • Relocation Management (3-4 hours) – starting up a new Relocation, assigning personnel, Transferee log-in, providing services, task reminders, entering time spent, costs, mileage, etc.
  • Customer Management (1.5 hours) – depending on how you are organised, some users might only need to manage Customers, while others might only need to manage Relocations.
  • Invoicing (1.5 hours) – including billing special types of services and credit notes.
  • Power Users (2 hours) – not always needed. The idea is to provide extra training to some users that are not administrators so that they can be a resource for others in the office ("train the trainer").
  • Other topics – depending on what features of the systems you use, it might be necessary to cover Support Incidents, Supplier management, or other areas.