FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

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 Does ReloTracker™ include our (home search, work permit...) service?

Because we ReloTracker™ is being used by many relocation providers in many countries, we understand that each company offers different services to different customers. You can define your own services - just the way you want. It takes just minutes for you to add a new service, define the steps, and provide it as part of your offering. What could be easier?

 Is ReloTracker™ secure?

While no system is 100% secure, ReloTracker™ is built according to current standards for security. Access to the system is role-based, which means that Users can only see what your want them to see.

 Can we save the rates that we charge different customers for our Services?

Yes, for each customer you can save different billing rates for your Services. You can even save multiple rates, for example "Cartus rates for XYZ company". When a Transferee is linked to a customer the system will use the correct rate for billing.

 Can we record how much time we spend on a Transferee?

Your employees and consultants can record the time they spend performing work for a Transferee, including how they spent the time, the date and the related Service. This will allow you to generate reports to better understand how much time you spend per Service, per Customer, per Consultant, etc.

 But we don't use that word. Can the terminology be changed?

In the industry companies use different terms, or sometimes even the same terms for different things. Words like client, counsellor, service, programme, assignee, or transferee might be different from company to company. Tax might be identified as VAT, Sales Tax, GST, and so on. In many cases, it is easy for ReloTracker™ to reflect the terms that you use in your business.

 How is ReloTracker™ purchased?

ReloTracker™ is purchased with a one-time License fee, however in order to maximize the cash flow benefits to your company, we are willing to allow you to pay the License fee over two years.

 Are there ongoing costs or fees?

During the initial license period you have full Support and Maintenance. After that you can choose whether to purchase annual Support and Maintenance.

 How many Users can we have?

The License fee is based on the number of Full Users, which generally means your office staff. You can add as many Transferees, Customer/HR Contacts, and "External" Consultants as you need. "External" Consultants/Counsellors/Assistants can only view the Transferees to which they have been assigned, so even if they are your employees, they might not be considered Full Users.

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 Is ReloTracker™ run on your servers or under our control?

ReloTracker™ can be installed on any server that meets the requirements. It was specifically designed to work in a "Shared Hosting" environment in order to minimize hosting costs. Since it is based on Microsoft technologies, it is possible to find hosting companies in every country that can support it. This means that your system and your data are completely under your control.

 Do we or our Users need to purchase or install additional software?

No! ReloTracker™ is completely web-based, which means that as long as you have it hosted by a professional company, you and your users do not need to install additional software like FileMaker, Citrix, etc.

 Can you host the system for us?

We have agreements with professional hosting companies that meet the technical requirements so that we can manage your hosting if you wish. This is provided as an additional service for your convenience and is not a requirement. We manage the hosting for less than half of the current ReloTracker™ systems.

 Can we run ReloTracker™ on our own server?

Since ReloTracker™ will be the main system for your company, it is important that it is installed and maintained in a professional manner. Unless you have 24-hour IT staff it is better to rely on a professional hosting company that does. An in-house server sitting corner of an office probably does not offer enough protection against fire, theft, upset employees, or the cleaning crew. In addition, IT staff must install and maintain the server, software, firewall, security, and so on. Professional hosting is so inexpensive now that it rarely makes sense to host in-house

 What are the hosting requirements?

ReloTracker™ is built on proven Microsoft technologies, so many hosting companies can support it. The main requirements are:
  • Windows Server 2003 or later, with IIS 6.0 and ASP.NET 2.0 framework installed
  • Access via FTP AND FrontPage/SharePoint (to support updating with Visual Studio)
  • NOT hosting using a Medium Trust setting
  • Possibility to send emails via SMTP from the application
  • A file storage space outside the root that has write permissions
  • SQL Server 2005 – 50 mb or more depending on your needs
  • SQL Server management via Management Studio
  • Daily, offsite backup of the webspace and the database
  • 24 hour support, secure facilities, non-water fire protection, etc.

 How is the system updated?

During the initial License period and for those companies that have Support and Maintenance, we update the system every four to eight weeks. We will notify you of changes.

 How is our information backed up?

Backups of both the website and the database should be managed by your hosting provider each day. For maximum security, backup copies should be stored at an alternative site. There is not an automated way for you to make your own backups because the amount of information will grow very large over time.

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 What are the support means and hours?

For Full Users, remote support is available from 8:00 (am) until 22:00 (10:00 pm) Central European time weekdays by clicking on the support link at the bottom of every page (unless agreed otherwise in the License Agreement).

 What does remote support include?

We do not place a limit on remote administrative training and support because we want you to get the most out of the system! You can submit support questions and requests at no cost. Bug fixes are not charged, of course.

 What if we want a change?

If you submit a bug, it is addressed as soon as possible at no charge. For other change requests you will be provided with a cost and timeline.

 What about training?

Training materials are available for download upon request from the website. Remote administrative training is not charged. Upon arrangement, a ReloTracker™ trainer can visit your offices to provide on-site training.

 Is there documentation?

An Administrator's Guide is available to licensed Users. This guide explains in detail how to set up and change different aspects of the system. Technical documentation is available upon request.

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 I forgot my username or password. How can I get it?

Your username is usually your email address, or at least the one you were using when you were originally sent your login details. If you have forgotten your password, you can click on "Forgot your login or password ?" from the login page to have your password emailed to you. If your username does not work or your password is not emailed to your email address, you should contact your system administrator.

 When I am working in the system, I have to log in again all the time. Can I stop this?

When you log in, you should tick the box next to "Remember me". The system will keep you logged in until you click the Logout at the bottom of the left menu. Note: you should not use this on a public computer because it means that anyone who uses that computer will be able to access ReloTracker™.

 A User cannot log in. Why is that?

The most common reason is that the Username has changed. When you grant a User site access, ReloTracker™ suggests that you use their email address as the Username. This makes sense because email addresses are usually unique and personal. If you later change the email address, that change will not be reflected in the Username. To test this go to the page where the User is given site access:
  • For Full Users: Main>Administration>User Admin
  • For Transferees: Relocations>Site Access
  • For Customer Contacts: Customers>Contacts
  • For external Consultants/Counsellors/Assistants: Suppliers>Consultants/Counsellors/Assistants
Then copy the Username and write down the Password. Logout of ReloTracker™ and log in using these details.

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 How can we manage different offices or different countries?

ReloTracker™ is able to support companies with multiple offices - even in different countries - and to restrict the rights of different users to access information outside their office or organization. If you only have one office, then this feature is hidden by default. You should contact ReloTracker™ Support to gain access to the Offices Admin pages.

 Who do we add in User Admin?

In User Admin you only add "Full Users", which generally means your employees. Consultants/Counsellors/Assistants with restricted rights should be added under the Suppliers area, even if they are your employees. Transferees are added in the Relocations area. HR or other customer contacts are added as Contacts in the Customer area.

 What are Departments and why do we need them?

Departments serve two purposes in ReloTracker. First, they allow you restrict what your employees can see and do - for example most employees would not be allowed to access the Administrative pages. Second, they allow you determine who should usually perform certain Tasks for each Service you perform.

 What is a Service Group?

Service Groups allow you to present your Services and Packages in a consistent way. Most relocation providers tend to group their Services into "Arrival Services", "Departure Services" and so on. How you group your Services is under your control.

 What is a Service?

Each distinct item that you perform and bill for is considered a Service - often called a program/programme. A typical Service might be an orientation tour. Each Service has a name, default invoice rate, and tasks. Transferees are assigned one or more Services so that your employees and consultants know what they should do and what to invoice the Customer.

 What are Tasks?

Each Service you perform for a Transferee has different steps, called Tasks. Typical examples are "Reserve hotel accommodation" or "Connect utilities". Each Task is assigned to a Department by default and has a due date that depends on the dates of the Transferee's arrival departure, home search visit, etc. Tasks are used to create reminders so that your employees and consultants know what they need to do and when they need to do it. Also, company management can see what has been done and what still needs to be done.

 Can we manage Services that are billed per hour/day/person/event...?

ReloTracker™ fully supports Services that are billed per hour, as well as per other units. This information is updated in the Relocation so that it can be included in invoices. More information is included in the Administrator's Guide.

 What is a Package?

A Package is when you bill two or more Services together. For example, a "Preview Trip" Service and a "Home Search" Service can be combined to create a Package "Complete Arrival Package" that can be billed at a new rate.

 How do we manage currencies?

In the Administrative section, go to the page "Currency Admin". Here you can add additional currencies. You can also update the currency rates used by the system.

 What is the Account Chart?

In each country there are standards for the presentation of financial information: income/revenue and costs/expenses. In order for ReloTracker™ to provide information that can easily be used in an accounting system, you can create your company's chart of accounts for use in the system to record income and costs. The Account Chart can also be used to create categories for recording Time Spent, like "With Transferee", "Travel", etc..