Administrator Documentation

This page provides access to Administrator documentation for ReloTracker. Although some documents contain information about how other users can use new features, these documents are not written for them directly.


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Set-up Documentation

Implementing ReloTracker
A general overview of how to approach an implementation project and make a plan according to your business priorities.

ReloTracker Administrator's Guide

The main document that explains how different areas of the system work: Organizations/Offices, Internal Users, Services, Packages, and other Administrative areas.

Start-up Guidelines

A short document to help guide you through setting up a new system in a logical manner. It supplements the Administrator's Guide.


Automatic Transfers of Relocation Information

ATRI Presentation
A slideshow saved in PDF format that gives a brief introduction to ATRI (Automatic Transfers of Relocation Information). Suitable for a general audience. Please contact us if you need the PowerPoint file.

ATRI Documentation - Updated 22 Mar 2012

Describes how to prepare and use the Automatic Transfers of Relocation Information. Includes administrator and user information.


Additional Documentation

Alternative Emails - Updated 22 Jun 2011

Some organizations, because of their business relations with other entities, have the need to communicate to clients using different email addresses. The alternative emails functionality allows organizations to manage email communications using primary and alternative email accounts.

Contact User Scope - Updated 22 Aug 2011

Very often larger organizations require different visibility rules for each user. User Scope implementation allows you to limit which Relocations each Customer, Third Party, and Supplier Contact can access, by Office and Customer Division.

Email Templates - Updated 16 May 2013

Detailed guide to creating and editing email templates. Includes many keywords that can be used to automatically insert information from ReloTracker into an email.

Flexible Reporting - Updated 19 Mar 2012

Flexible Reporting allows you to design a report about virtually any information in your system. This guide will show you how to create or edit reports, adding columns, filters, sorting, and totals. You can control who can view the report, and where it will appear in your ReloTracker system.

Modifying Document Templates - Updated 19 Mar 2012

Many companies wish to customize their invoice, credit note, or other templates: changing logos or colors, or adding links, reference numbers, and miscellaneous text. This guide explains how to adapt a Word document for use in ReloTracker and upload it into the system.

Managing Duplicated Tasks - Updated 18 Mar 2012

In many cases several services have the same tasks, like “Send a Welcome email”, and when such services are assigned to the same relocation ReloTracker users faces the problem of task duplication. This document explains how to setup ReloTracker to be able to manage duplicated tasks and how to delete them.

ReloTracker Fall 2012 Update

PDF document where you will find the improvements and corrections included in ReloTracker version and also detailed description and pictures illustrating the new features.

Rights/Menus Worksheet

The ability to view and change information in ReloTracker is generally controlled by which pages the user can view. The right to view is generally the same as the right to edit. This spreadsheet shows the default rights for different types of users. It also can help determine the rights that you want users to have.

Status Updates Visibility - Updated 2 Sep 2011

Describes the new Relocation Status Update visibility rules, following the implementation of Contact User Scope.

Subscriptions - Updated 13 Feb 2013

Some companies need to be able to manage mailing lists that are not easily defined by filters in the reporting system, such as Customer Contacts that need immigration updates. Or, they need to include contacts that are not already included in Transferees, Customers, or Suppliers. This document explains how to handle these cases.

Supplier Fees Invoicing - Updated 13 Sep 2011

This functionality allows you to invoice not only Customers and Transferees but also Suppliers. In the system a supplier fee is simply another service to be added to a relocation, but it is invoiced to a supplier instead of the customer.

Support Incidents - Updated 19 Dec 2011

Support Incidents is basically a request logging and follow-up system that is built into ReloTracker. It is usually used as part of an ongoing “helpline” or “concierge” service.

Tax Management - Updated 12 Mar 2010

It is possible to create rules at different levels to manage standard tax requirements, but also handle exceptions effectively. “Tax” is used in this document and in some ReloTracker pages for any kind of sales tax, value-added tax (VAT, GST), or other tax based on the amount of services provided.

Time Spent Costs - Updated 11 Mar 2010

Many companies want to know the cost of the services they are delivering, including the hourly cost of internal and freelance personnel. These personnel can enter the time that they spend on the Time Spent page (or the Status Updates page). ReloTracker can automatically compute the total cost.

Time-based KPIs - Updated 7 Jun 2010

Quality management regimes, such as ISO and the EuRA Quality Seal, often require that an action be completed within a period after another date. For example, the EuRA Quality Seal includes the KPI, “Confirmation of acceptance of service following official authorization within one business day”. This requires the measurement of a period from a beginning point to an ending point.


Webmail Changes - Updated 2 February 2014

Describes the changes made to the webmail interface, including public and private folders. The document also includes the auto-archiving capability.


General Information

External Consultants Policy

External Consultants do not need to be licensed, so you can have as many as you need. Because of this, they are limited in what they can do in the system. This document describes our long-standing policy regarding this.

ReloTracker Application Security

Describes our policy regarding security of the system in non-technical language. Can be useful for Requests For Proposal/Quote.

ReloTracker Hosting and Backup

Describes our policy regarding security of our hosting services, as well as backup procedures, in non-technical language. Can be useful for Requests For Proposal/Quote.

Hosting Infrastructure ISO Certificate

The ISO 27001:2005 certificate for Nucleus, our hosting infrastructure provider. Can be useful for Requests For Proposal/Quote.