There has been a growing need to establish and measure quality indicators within the industry. It has moved from being a selling point to a requirement in proposals.

There are several quality management regimes, including ISO and those promoted by industry organizations like the European Relocation Association (EuRA). Customers might also require service level measurement.

Time-Based KPIs

Quality measurement often requires that an action be completed within a period after another date. For example,  “Confirm acceptance of a service following official authorization within one business day”.

This requires the measurement of a period from a beginning point to an ending point. In ReloTracker, this measurement fits within how users currently use the system, rather than requiring extra steps.

Evaluation Form

Another common quality measurement is asking the transferee to fill in an evaluation of the services provided. ReloTracker has the possibility to create multiple evaluation forms according to your needs. You can use a 4-point scale or another measurement. You can even personalize the questionnaire for each transferee.

The reporting automatically comes out of the system. You can see per customer, per time period, or even per service how transferees rated your performance.