Integration saves time and money, while reducing errors and increasing communications flow. We have lead the way in "link & sync" integration with financial and other internal systems, as well as with customer and supplier systems.

ReloTracker is able to integrate with internal systems at several levels:

  • Through ODBC at the database level.
  • Via MS SQL Integration Services.
  • At the application layer using web services.
  • By generating a text or Excel that can be manually imported into another system, or placed in a folder for automatic retrieval.

Besides that, we have led the way in linking relocation systems to related external systems. In 2011 we launched the Automatic Transfers of Relocation Information (ATRI): a public standard for linking and synching relocation information between any relocation systems.

Any two systems that use ATRI can establish a link between two relocations. This will enable the complete synchronization of the relocation between the systems, including:

  • Fields and dates.
  • Ordered services.
  • Costs and time spent.
  • Immigration and housing details.
  • Uploaded documents and images.

ATRI is already working between any ReloTracker systems and can be implemented to support integration with relocation management companies, providers of immigration, language or cultural training services, tax providers, or other suppliers.

We have also created integration modules for expense management, movers, and other third-party systems. Contact us to ask about how we can support your needs.